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iBotnet: tietoturvariskit kasvavat

Turvallisuus OsX:ssä on harvinaisuuteen perustuva harha, johon tuudittautuminen saattaa ajan myötä käydä kalliiksi. Tämä juttu New York Timesista on kaikille käyttäjille ihan pakollinen:

Mac Security II: It's a Numbers Game.
Macs were more secure than Windows machines, but the tables have turned. Macs are safer than PCs because they aren’t targeted as much, but the latest versions of OS X are “inherently less secure than the latest versions of Windows,” says Rich Mogull, the Mac security expert who provided tips this week.

A few years ago, OS X had an edge in security, thanks to a Unix foundation that meant some serious sorts of malware (but not all) could be blocked by a request to enter a password before installation. However, current vulnerabilities and attack methods mean that effectively “all the Unix protections can be circumvented,” Mr. Mogull says.
Että silleen. Ja kun vielä ottaa huomioon seuraavan:

Mac Security III: The Rise of the Botnets.

Erityisen huomattavaa on tämä (samasta artikkelista):
According to the Symantec researchers, the botnet has some sophisticated capabilities that suggest the work of an experienced programmer who may have rented out his creation to someone else who actually used it for denial-of-service attacks, a common pattern seen in botnets formed from Windows PCs.

Attackers created the botnet by seeding BitTorrent and other file-sharing sites with pirated software that contained a Trojan Horse. Some 20,000 Mac users had downloaded bad copies of Apple’s iWork 09 by the time Intego, a security software company that sells products for Macs, publicized its findings in January. Intego found a second version of the Trojan Horse a few days later inside copies of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac.
maksullinen Virus Bulletin tarkemmin asiasta.

Toivottavasti olonne ei enää ole liian turvallinen.

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